Win-Test 4.12.0

La nueva version de Win-Test 4.12.0 ya esta disponible para descargar:
http://download.win-test.com/v4/bin/wt-4.12.0.exe [completo, 14 MB]
http://download.win-test.com/v4/bin/wt-4.12.0-update.exe[actualización, 6.3 MB]

Las novedades de la versión 4.12.0 (Feb 10, 2014) son (en ingles):

– Bugfix : UBA DX : The format of the output cabrillo file didn’t stick to the required specs. Tnx ON5GQ.

– Bugfix : DARC 10 : Under some circumstances, the DOK field was cleared while it wasn’t necessary. Tnx DJ4MZ.

– DARC 10 : The NM exchange (Non Member) is no more considered as a multiplier. Tnx DJ4MZ.

– Radios : IC-7410 added. Tnx DL6RAI.

– Bugfix : Lua : The wtApp:CallScript function was always returning a nil value when used with two parameters. Tnx N6TV.

– Script Manager : Various UI enhancements and API bugfixes. Tnx N6TV.

– Bugfix : The log sync enables / disabled setting was not correctly saved between logs openings. Tnx DK9TN@ED6A.

– Clear Log : The station type (RUN, MULT, etc.) setting is now preserved when this function is performed. Tnx DK9TN@TK4W.

– Network : Time distribution : A warning now pops up when time sync frames are received, and the Windows user who started Win-Test hasn’t enough privilege to modify the system clock. Tnx P40L, N6TV.

– Lua : wtQso:GetData() returned table updated for the specific ARRL Sweepstakes contest. The QSO# received is in the «rstReceived» index, and the Precedence letter is in the «miscInfo2Received» index. Tnx N6TV. (Task #338).

– Mult Window (Alt-M) : New «Hide never worked» option added. Pretty experimental for now, depending on the contest. Tnx CT1BOH.

– Radio windows : The spot selected by a right click is now highlighted to prevent confusion. The highlight color calculation now also works for dark hues. Tnx AD1C@K0RF.

– Stats window : In CQWW DX, the zones / overall display was clipped to the last hour when a new zone was worked.

– Radio windows : Time / Spotter and Comments display options added in the list view. These settings are common to both views. Tnx CT1BOH.

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